I can’t login

Top 3 reasons you cannot login

Sorry you’re having an issue. Can you please go through this checklist first?

  1. Are there any error messages at login? For example, your password and account name do not match, which may happen if your CAPS lock is on
  2. Did you receive any Walee account updates? You may have forgotten about a password change. Or we could have sent a security notice stating your account is temporarily deactivated due to suspicious activity
  3. Have you logged in before? You may not have completed the Sign up process, like clicking on the confirmation link sent to your Email Address within 24 hours. Please check your email account, including your spam or promotions folder.

If you’ve successfully signed up to the service, please share the steps you followed, screenshots of the problem and your Email Address to support@walee.ae.

Why can’t I login to my Walee account after updating my password?

If you are still unable to login after updating your Password, first please ensure you are entering your correct new Password for your valid registered email, then try to change your Password again and then login. If you still cannot login, please email us at support@walee.ae.