Campaign Payment Agent

All Users agree that we will, at the campaign sponsor’s request, act as the payment agent for the for the limited purpose of accepting payments from them on behalf of the User, and then pay the required amount to them i.e., remit the required amount, to the Influencer or Agent, deducting any applicable transaction charges, taxes, levies and fees; we hold no responsibility for the legal correctness/validity of these levies and taxes, and the sole liability to any legal issue arising on the taxes payable shall be with the Campaign sponsor as the transaction is bilateral between them and Influencers. As such, we are not liable to charge or deposit any taxes applicable on such transaction. All Users understand, agree and accept that the payment facility provided us is neither in the capacity as a banking or financial service, but only a facilitator providing a third-party payment processor for all transactions carried out on Walee. By providing this payment facility in collaboration with a third-party licensed payment processor, we are not acting as a trustee nor in a fiduciary capacity for the transaction or its price. We will not be held liable for any charges made by Users’ banks related to payment of the total amount.